2017 Program

If I apply to the program, what can I expect?

The purpose of the I AM Program has three parts: 1) to deeply consider God’s activity in the world, 2) to discern God’s unique call for each of us, and 3) to grow spiritually through prayer, worship and the arts.  At the I AM Program, you will experience time-honored spiritual practices designed to help you explore who you are as one created in God’s image, and to hear God’s call more fully.  Perhaps most importantly, there will be hospitality for your deepest questions and greatest longings about God’s movement in your life.

We will explore these things in three ways

Conference: October 28-29, 2017

The Program will kick-off with a two-day conference in October of 2017.  The conference will include worship, artistic expression, spiritual practices, and special speakers all focused on the spiritual development of each participant.  Participants will meet their small groups and the women who will mentor them as Small Group Leaders, and will make plans for future meetings.

The 2017 I AM Program Conference will take place at the Wes Watkins Center on the OSU campus.  Download the 2017 Conference Agenda here.

Small Groups: November 2017-April 2018

Small groups are where the deep questioning and real discernment happens during the program.  Lead by women who are local religious, education, and nonprofit leaders in and around Stillwater, the small groups are designed to be an confidential space for theological- and self-exploration.  You will meet in these women’s homes, creating an intimate and comfortable space for your groups to be nurtured and grow.

Spiritual Retreats: January 2018

Deeper spiritual reflection will happen during a series of spiritual retreats in January of 2018.  Retreats will take place at local spiritual retreat centers, and will provide overnight opportunities for bonding, reflection, and spiritual discernment.  There are two dates set that participants can choose from: January 12-14 and January 26-28.

Closing Gathering: April 21, 2018

Our time together with close with lunch and worship together on Saturday, April 21.  Mark your calendars!  More information to come.