Small Group Leaders

During the close of the I AM Conference, program participants will meet their small group leaders, a few highlighted below.

Ruth Atterberry

Ruth Atterberry is a pastor and teacher; a wife, mother and grandmother; a community seeker and builder; a traveler and an OSU fan. For 13 years, she taught “whatever they needed the coach’s wife to teach” in  public school and then for 15 years at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

After retirement from teaching, she received an MTS from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, and for 15 years, she served United Methodist congregations across Oklahoma.

In June 2015, she and her husband, David, retired to Stillwater, where they volunteer in community service projects, travel as often as possible, and enjoy time with their two daughters and four grandsons.


Tammy DavisTammy Davis

Tammy Davis and her family relocated from Kansas to Stillwater in 2002. She teaches English courses at Northern Oklahoma College, where she believes the opportunities to offer hope, encouragement and second chances to students in need are endless.

Tammy believes one of her biggest strengths is asking questions and listening to others, giving them her undivided attention. She and her husband, Ed, have raised two daughters, who have been called into service through their careers of teaching and nursing.

Tammy is devoted to working with children and music at First United Methodist Church, where Ed is the director of music and worship. She and Ed enjoy spending time with their daughters, fishing, preparing meals for others and reading.

Hannah DipasqualeHannah DiPasquale

Hannah DiPasquale moved to Stillwater two years ago with her husband and dog from El Paso, Texas, where she was coordinating an after-school program and serving as a church youth director. In El Paso, she came to love the unique border life and also developed a better appreciation for the small-town Iowa culture of where she grew up.

Hannah attended a small liberal arts college in the Midwest, where she was challenged to think critically, explore the world and get to know people who were different than her.

In Stillwater, Hannah works with teens and young adults as the prevention program coordinator for Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services. She has never found a solid “career path” for her life, but she knows that part of her vocation is offering a word of hope and safety to those who are lonely, scared or unheard. She’s learned that many, people between the ages of 15 and 25 are experiencing confusion and discovering so much about themselves; so no matter her career, she feels a call to spend her time with young people in whatever capacity she can to listen, learn and try to help out.

Hannah feels that her deepest strength is that she thinks of every stranger as a potential friend — she actually found this out by taking a Strengthsfinder test, and the results rang so true for her. She thinks this strength could also be a weakness because not all people in the world are interested in being her friend

Elena Ferreira

Elena Ferreira was born and raised in Brazil. She came to America about three decades ago and has lived in Stillwater for two decades. She became a citizen five years ago.

Elena is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters and is about to have the pleasure of becoming a grandmother.

After spending time as a preschool teacher and food director, Elena is now a social worker major and CNA, working in home care. Her vocation is to help people.


Sara Siems 1Sara Siems

Sara Siems is an Oklahoma native and has lived in Stillwater for 14 years. When she’s not working for OSU coordinating educational programs for women and minority farmers, she’s hopefully travelling the world or pedaling around Oklahoma on her bike. Sara shares her adventures in life with her husband, Tyler, a local singer/songwriter and their community at District Bicycles.

Susan Ross

Susan Ross grew up in Oklahoma and has served churches as a United Methodist pastor for 40 years. Now, in “retirement,” she teaches as an adjunct professor in Oklahoma State University’s English department, preaches once a month at the Stillwater Unitarian Universalist Church and acts as its pastoral care minister.

Susan has one daughter and three grandchildren, who live here in Stillwater, a son, who lives in Dallas, and two cats. She enjoys reading, gardening, walking, hiking, music, theater and movies, as well as volunteering at the local public library.